All thanks to Tonsta31 (via MGSStudios), I now know how to do this and thought I would spread this information in case anyone else ran into the problem.

Getting stuff to do damage when thrown and then boomerang back hasn't been covered in any tutorial I've seen (including the epic Epic one by Zak).

Make sure the following is checked in the weapon's physics asset:
・Simulation Generates Hit Events
・Use CCD


(Inserting images in posts at roborecall.org is a pain. So much easier here.  Thank you!)

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Thanks for the tip dude! This should make it a lot easier for future modders. ^^
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Totally.  Yeah, I actually feel like a fool for not checking those 2 things before.  I just assumed if I had set up the gun just like Zak did everything would work.  But that wasn't the case, for the boomerang stuff and throw damage.
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