the Sterling C1 SMG Mod

L2A3 sterling smg by LowSeb on Sketchfab

- Description

The Sterling SMG is one of the most iconic Canadian SMG's from WWII, and one of my favorite firearms. I found an amazing model of the SMG over on Sketchfab, and knew I had to put it in the game!

Full-auto only, so ISC compatible!

32 round reloadable mag!

50 damage per bullet! (they're 9mm's)

Showcase vid coming soon!

- Downloads -

V1 -

V2 -

- Patch Notes

V2 - Recoil on the slide has been modified, now fires and recoils exactly like the original weapon! try grabbing the slide handle when the gun has and doesn't have ammo. The animation is different! the animation is also different for when the gun fires, as it's an open bolt gun. (This weapon has 3 functioning interaction points!) (I've disabled the original secondary interaction point, so I don't mess up the original slide variables.) also, fixed some sound bugs, had the same audio play when taking out and putting the mag back in. Oops!

Known bugs: I think my audio files are playing automatically when the gun spawns in. I'll fix that for V3.

V1 -  release version!

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