After seeing the delightful and hilarious review/showcase of Robo Recall by TheRussianBadger (video embedded below) I was touched by the sad words of our lost friend Kevin, and had to inscribe his name on his fellow comrades. Hence, the Kevin Mod!

The Kevin Mod takes the Big Bot's Textures and simply gives each big bot a big name tag on the spots above his always-closed-due-to-his-pacifist-nature missile launch bays that says "K3vin" in big, scribbly letters, about like it would look if a big, bumbly robot with huge hands tried to right it on himself. XD

Version 1 just overrides the base color of the material to have the name tag, so the name tag looks kinda metallic, I'll be fixing that in version 2. Watch the video that inspired the mod, and download the Kevin Mod down below!

V1 - Kevin.robo
- Robo Recall Modder -
- Voxels, Pixels, Poly's -
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