ISC MK III is the third iteration of ISC (Input Sender Compatibility) layer functionality, developed for use alongside the Smooth Locomotion Mod 3. Mods present in this list
(The ISC Pack) are compatible with ISC features, and in some cases, may require the Smooth Locomotion Mod 3 to function.

ISC layers are a series of player pawn inputs which, when sent through event delegates, enable calling of those inputs from child mods without restricting those input calls to a single mod. This can enable the following, and more:

- Dual-wielding auto refire switched weaponry
- activating animations with the push of a button (such as dual-lightsabers)
- much much more

As ISC functionality is version specific, mods featuring compatibility with a previous version of the Smooth Locomotion Mod (which featured ISC MK II) are not compatible with ISC MK III until manually updated by their creator. Mods which are not yet compatible will feature an X beside their names in the list below. Compatible mods, once updated, will be denoted with a dash "-" beside their name.

We thank you for your patience as we update.

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Update - Turns out, may not need to udpate mods. I named the new project the same as the old project and several mods I've tested worked great.

X Accelerator Rifle Mod
X Extend-O-Blade Mod 2
X Metroid Cannon Reloaded 3
- The Lightsabers Mod 5 - SWMC 5 works perfectly with it, turns out.
X The Glock Zapper
X SPAS 12 Mod Reloaded
- Glock Mod - Works perfectly fine, no update needed
X M16 Mod V2
X Colt 1911 Mod V2
X Vox Recall Pistol
- Robo Recall Modder -
- Voxels, Pixels, Poly's -
- also marshmallows -
- Inferno Digital Works -

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