Hello agents! I'm back again! Decided to spend a few minutes releasing source codes for some of my most recent mods that use ISC compatiblity, since I just released the Smooth Locomotion Mod 2's source code (which is the source of ISC compatiblity) and it would be nice for you guys to know how to add it to your own mods, so you all can use the top buttons on the controllers for weapon systems.

zapper.png  this source code is what makes up the Glock Mod Z, or the Zapper Glock Mod. Most of the code is identical to the original Glock Mod, just with a different model and animator.

Downloads -
- Robo Recall Modder -
- Voxels, Pixels, Poly's -
- also marshmallows -
- Inferno Digital Works -

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