Hi There!

I've had a blast (pun intended) with Robo Recall and thought I'd give modding it a go so I have created The Black Death. It's a simple replacement for the Pistol with some tweaks.

Infinite Ammo.
One Hit Kill. (Almost, except for Shield Bots)
No Recoil.
Throwing the weapon is a One Hit Kill too.
Stupid Accurate.

I've tweaked the look of it to something a little nicer with a darker, shinier skin, extra long compensator (works nicely as a bat, took me ages to line up the muzzle flash!!) and a thinner green laser sight. 

The downside is that it's so over amped that it kinda ruins the game to a certain extent but if you just want to strap in and cause some serious mayhem then feel free to crack out The Black Death and have at it! 

I'll try and get a YouTube video of it in action, it's comedically devastating! ;-)

Edit - Here it is! 


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Looks like a blast! Awesome work Jam, can't wait to try it out!
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We at RoboReady appreciate that the community is making awesome tools for recalling. You get a Top Weapon award from us.
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