Hello! Newb here with modding. Note: I'm on Vive, and I haven't purchased the game...yet!  And, sorry for the long post below.

Need help with 2 below.

I followed Zak's tutorial and got a new, custom gun mesh working.  I wanted to add 2 features to it that I haven't seen covered in any of the tutorials:
1) add a fire mode switch to toggle the firemode from single to burst
2) shoot X bullets on 1 button press. 

Initially, I wanted to make it so the player could use the opposite hand to flip the switch (via pressing trigger on the empty hand when in proximity to the switch).  Spent a full day (8 hours) trying to detect the opposite hand entering a trigger near the switch, and ended up with a whole lot of nothing.  Was about to give it up, and then tmek in the Epic RR forum helped me out with getting it to work on button press.

So, right now I got the switch working, but it's toggling from single to full on automatic.

I'm stuck on implementing burst.   I've been looking around online for more tutorials, and I've looked through the gun_base class but it seems only single and full auto is supported out of the box. I'm afraid to muck with gun_base...

Tonsta31 > MGS Studios on the oculus forums has been flingin' out mods like crazy.  Some of which contain the functionality I want to apply to the gun I'm working on (1) manually pulling the slide to eject a bullet; I could mod that to flip the switch, 2) Uzi with burst).  He's upping the .robo files, but I can't figure out how to "unbake" them so I can check out the BP modifications.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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This issue is solved. Thanks to tmek in Epic's roborecall forum.

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