I have an amazing idea for movement in robo recall. If anyone has played or can look up the movement set up for the VR game “grid clash” this is it. It consists of actually running in place to move your VR self in the game. It relies on a combination of the up down motion of the headset and jogging motion of the controllers(to a point) to run!!! The faster the motion the faster you run in in real life!!! Some one please aid with this would be a nice actual motion to move in game that I’ve only seen in a couple of VR games!! Thank you!!
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That sound like an interesting idea, there's just one big problem... it's almost impossible to use this type of locomotion and shoot guns at the same time. It basically ruins and chance to have pinpoint accuracy because it forces both your head and hands to swing wildly in order to move. In games like Survios' "Sprint Vector" that locomotion style makes a lot of sense because you hardly ever hold anything in your hands or need to aim with them, but in Robo Recall that locomotion system would make playing and shooting very ineffective.
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