Ever wished that the carnage you released on the Tal-9's of the city stuck around a little longer? Ever felt like your cleanup image was being marred by not having to actually clean any of it up? do you really hate robot heads?

Well, fellow agents, worry no more, for the Physics Bodies mod is here!

OculusScreenshot1572742709.jpeg  - Pile of bodies, pile of heads - Venom, 2018

- Description -

Ok, so this is an INTENSE mod! I've taken all the normal enemies (melee, pistol, revolver, energy, shotgun, rocketeer, crawler, drone) and made it so that under no circumstances can they dissintegrate after death. That means that they stick around for the entirety of the level, as ragdolls! this can make for some hilarious moments, but it's also pretty heavy on on performance, so just be careful! I finished level 1 with this mod on and it was a little laggy by the end of it (you'll see what I mean when you try it out)

Oh, also, I made it so you can tear off their limbs without killing them. Have fun! 😃

- Downloads -

V1 - PhysBodiesMod.robo

- Patch Notes -

V1 - Have fun!
- Robo Recall Modder -
- Voxels, Pixels, Poly's -
- also marshmallows -
- Inferno Digital Works -

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