I downloaded a few mods (The Black Death, Slab Sword 2, and The Rocketrifle) and they only seem to work in the gun range. Once I go into a level I have vanilla weapons again. Then when I'm back in the office I still have vanilla weapons. Is this a mod issue, or a me issue?

I also downloaded ASPmod and Extend-O-Blade which don't work at all.
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Are you using the mod menu to launch levels, or are you using the holographic city map to launch levels? Mods will only load in if you launch them from the map launcher on the right side of the mods menu. ^^

As far as the other two mods go, have you made sure to have the right weapon to override in your holsters before turning the mods on? Each modded weapon needs to override another base weapon class to function (AKA Pistol, Shotgun, Revolver, or Energy Rifle) so if a mod is enabled and you don't see it, most likely you're just missing that weapon in your holsters. ^^
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