Hey guys! First of all I'd like to give a huge thanks to Casey and Dan (the original creators of this site) for coming back and making me an admin for the site. Cannot wait to do even more on this site now, and bring more mods than ever! Thanks to both of you, and I hope you like what you see in the future! ^w^

- Description -

Now then, onto this map! This map is going to be the first in a slew of instructable maps I create to teach the basics of level creation for robo recall as I learn it. This first one focuses on two basic blueprints: the jump navigator and the climbing navigator.

Now, for players, this has no consequence, as most will either be teleporting or jumping around levels with the locomotion mod (still highly recommend that one, btw), but these two blueprints (created for us by the robo recall devs) are vital to making any level work for the enemies! They both work to do pretty much what they're named for:

The climbing navigator is placed wherever there's a ledge a robot needs to climb up, and

The jumping navigator is placed wherever you think a robot should be able to jump from one area of the map to another.

They're both very simple to use once you figure out how, but finding the blueprints and adding them to your levels will be the hardest part. I'll be creating short tutorial videos and Instructables posts to go with these levels as I develop them, so stay tuned!

Right now, it's very basic. I have a few panels with snapshots of blueprint code and details on them from my editor and a button you can shoot with your guns to turn on and off the wave spawner, which I'll explain how to create later. Then the spawn point you're on becomes the place the robots want to get to when spawned in, and they jump and climb up to you! It's a bit glitchy sometimes right now, but still fun to look at and I hope you'll try it out!

More coming soon, but have a look at a few previous shots of the level so far!

- Images -


- Downloads & Links -

V1 - climbing_Test.robo     
Google Drive Link -
V2 - Coming Soon!

- Patch Notes -
Currently sometimes two of the bots will try to jump to the climbing spot at once, causing them to crash into each other and fly off into the sunset. XD I'll be fixing that in the next update.
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