So I've been using a broken Left Touch Controller for the past, eh, almost year now. By that I mean the Left Touch's joystick was broken, causing it to drift to the left randomly (a lot of the time). This made it very, very difficult to make mods or play VR in general, as any slight wrong movement of the joystick could send me wildly flying off a moving platform, or just drifting out of a conversation in a multiplayer game without even noticing.

Here's the old Touch (iss old.)

  You can clearly see it's taken quite a beating over time. White marks from smacking the walls in my house one too many times, the joystick plastic's little teeth have worn away, making it super smooth. And of course, the joystick didn't work right. 

Well today is the day, folks! I ordered a used, but almost mint condition Left Controller for 40$ off Ebay, and it arrived today! Look at the beaut!

IMG_20190909_211847.jpg Literally the only scratch on the entire thing is a tiny smudge in the glossy plastic up top were it probably hit a table or something, but you can only actually see it from very specific angle, and more importantly, the joystick works PERFECTLY! I am so excited to get back into VR more, I hadn't played a ton other than RR lately because of the joystick problem, so many VR games have little platforming sections that are IMPOSSIBLE to complete with a drifty joystick, so I just got tired of failing, but now I'm back in business! Cannot wait to play Rec Room more again, along with a bunch of other Multiplayer titles. So excited!
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