Johan Malmsten
I just saw the trailer for the new Kingsman film. Then I rewatched that church scene from the first one and realized... That is so ripe for a RoboRecall map mod!

Just a big room, tons of robots, maybe even have them be able to turn on each other just as likely as they are to attack the player to simulate the effect of the V-Chip. A couple of sound bites from the film and then it's mayhem ready! 

For reference. Here's the scene:

You could have the map start out with all the robots sitting in around in a church for robots (something like from futuramas robot-version of religions) The robo-preacher could be Odin. Halfway through the sermon they all get hacked and the player has to defend himself as the whole group turns on each other while Shooty Shooty Gun Hands or something plays in the earphones. 

Or maybe some other venue than a church? Just the concept of a big room full of robots going mad and attacking everyone in sight (including each other) would be a fun thing to try and survive in a RoboRecall setting.
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