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I've been pretty quiet for the past few months, but I've been hard at work in the background, creating some truly groundbreaking mods!
These include:
The Bionicle Heroes Weapons Pack
Midnight Recall Survival Map
Flight Mod Climbing/Menus/Melee Update
Mega Man X Dash Mod Remaster
El Pumpo
Melee Enhancement System
Climbing System

The time has come for a new write up of the Flight Mod, and a new post for this huge new update!


Fly through the world of Robo Recall, level up, and blast robots as you become the most powerful force RoboReady has ever seen!
The Flight Module is a mod that gives the player several of Iron Man's abilities, including flight, repulsors, wrist lasers, extra strength, and more!
This mod is a massive expansion of the Smooth Locomotion Mod from @Firestorm185 so stick movement and turning are included.

Stronger Melee Punches and smacks
Repulsor Beams
Wrist Lasers
Powerful Chest Laser
Leveling Up
Slow Motion
Enemy Vision
Climb on walls and ceilings (supported maps only)
flight thrusters
Heads Up Display
All configurable with custom settings menu

The latest update to the Flight Mod adds the Melee Enhancement System, which is detailed here. *Link*
This means you can now fight robots with just your fists, and punch bots for massive damage!
This update also includes the Climbing System, a whole new way to move around maps.
Details here. *Link*

Part of the draw of the Midnight Recall map is that it runs at 1.5* normal speed, making all bots (and bullets!) faster and snappier. A Hardcore Mode option has been added to the startup settings, that allows the player to run the game at this faster speed in any level they want.

An OHKO (One Hit Knock Out) option has also been added, for players that want the thrill of dying in one hit, Hotline Miami style.

Sound Effects have also been added and remastered, giving the mod a much more Iron Man like feel to it. These can be heard when running, jumping, landing, and turning!

Full Controls List:
Y/B: Each hand's corresponding thruster. Hold the button and pull the grip to jet fire out of your hand and force yourself in the fire's direction (And even enemies in the opposite direction!)

X: Air Brakes. Holding this button brings the player to a stop. Completely. Midair, on foot, doesn't matter, the player should stay put while holding the Air Brakes. Great for forcing away enemies or changing direction and momentum quickly!

A: Jump/Upward Thruster. Classic, on foot jump. Pressing the button vaults the player into the air, useful for leading into flight, or air braking after to hover over enemies! Pressing the button again wile in midair acts as an upward thruster from your boots, rocketing you upward! While holding onto a wall, this will vault the player in whatever direction they're facing, up and down included.

Left Stick: Move Player. As expected from the Smooth locomotion mod, the left stick moves the player around the world, simulating walking or running.

Right Stick: Turn Camera/Teleport. Depending on settings, this stick has three functions. It can either turn the player 45 degrees at a time via Snap Turning, smoothly rotate the player through Smooth Turning, or can act as it does in vanilla and let the player teleport through the world.

Click Right Stick: Slow Motion (After Unlock)/Reset Orientation. Sets the entire game to 20% speed for 10 seconds, and requires 20 seconds to recharge. Pressing The left stick while the right stick is also held reset's the player's orientation, to quickly get back on your feet after flipping.

Click Left Stick: Enemy Vision (After Unlock). Shows the player enemy outlines through walls and ceilings for one minute.

Pull Trigger Without Gripping: Fire Repulsor. Fires a repulsor beam from the corresponding hand's palm. Damage should pierce most robots. Damage gets upgraded at levels 6 and 9.

Pull Trigger with Empty Fist: Wrist Laser(After Unlock) Fires a powerful Wrist Laser from your fist. piercing all enemies. Lasts for 2 seconds, and needs a one minute cooldown. The lasers can break Big Bot cylinders just by shooting the big bot, but they won't reduce their health, so finish them off with a repulsor or other weapon. Lasers are independent, so one could alternate hand lasers every 30 seconds, for example. Cooldown is reduced to 30 seconds at level 9, and lasers go fully unlimited at level 10.

Press all 4 face buttons while holding both grips: Chest Laser(After Unlock) Fires an incredibly powerful laser from the player's chest. This laser can one-shot Big Bots, and reveal Odin's weak spot! Unlocked at level 8,

Grab Wall or Ceiling: (Certain Maps Only) Climb. Grabbing walls and ceilings allows the player to climb and navigate across them, vertically and horizontally.

Pausing the game brings up the old pause menu, the new Settings UI, the Controls List, the player's current level, AND resets the player's playspace center circle. This is to allow for easier climbing when you have to quickly reset your playspace center, since climbing relies on it.

Level Up Guide: (Requirements and Bonuses)
Note: Hard Mode sets the level 2 requirement to 100,000, then 500,000, and they double from there!

Level 1: Default.
Level 2: 50,000 points - Thruster Power X2
Level 3: 200,000 points - Enemy Vision Unlocked, Jump X2
Level 4: 500,000 points - Slow Motion Unlocked
Level 5: 1,000,000 points - Wrist Lasers Unlocked
Level 6 - 2,000,000 points - Repulsor Damage X2, Max HP X2
Level 7 - 4,000,000 points - Thruster Power X4, Vision Duration X2
Level 8 - 7,000,000 points - SloMo Time X2, Chest Laser Unlocked
Level 9 - 10,000,000 points - Repulsor Damage X10, Wrist Laser Cooldown X0.5
Level 10 - 20,000,000 points - Thruster Force & Range X10, Unlimited Wrist & Chest Lasers, Enemy Vision & Slowmo

Settings Menu:
The Settings menu includes the following options for the player to toggle at any time.
Turn Mode - Switch the right stick between Snap and Smooth Turning
Stick Mode - Switch the right stick between turning and classic teleporting
Flight Mode - Changes the direction of thrust for flight, either from your palms or from your wrist.
Flip Lock - Locks Flight from flipping the player forwards and backwards
Spin Lock - Locks Flight from spinning the player left and right
Holsters - Toggle the player's holsters from refreshing. Holsters must not be in cooldown to work.
HUD - Toggle the new info display on and off.

Startup Options are also available if the player pauses while the level intro is playing.
Hard Mode - Drastically increases level up score requirements.
Disable Leveling - Locks the player at level 1 for the duration of the mission.
Skip Leveling - Fast tracks the player immediately to Level 10.
Hardcore Mode - Makes the entire game run at 1.5x speed
One Hit KO Mode - Reduces the player's max health to 10, or 50 past level 6. Hotline Miami style!

DOWNLOAD LINK: (GDrive)  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bmqmDHoI-8S-0215rgPTo3coGjC_1SVr

Old Changelogs can be found in older posts about this mod, but this is the most up to date one!
Robo Recall Modder
Slayer of Big Bots
Source Files:  http://tiny.cc/5sch9y
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excited to try it out! Great work as always, Hydraxonn!
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Thanks for releasing the source for the Flight Mod! Been wondering how you got that menu working for ages XD
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Disclaimer - Any creations using copyrighted works on this site are pure fan-projects. I do not claim ownership to any of the content on this site. That title goes to each contents' respective owners.
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