Ready to Slash and Bash!
- Description -

This mod is a feature mod I'm working on to get the code in place so I can add it to the Lightsabers Mod and the SuperHot Bots mod, so I can have the robots be dismembered when they take damage (but only die depending on the type of hit) Right now, each enemy simply begins to lose limbs (legs and arms) each time they are hit, until they are left with just a head, where one bullet or smack can finish them off. It's a bit buggy rn, once they lose all their limbs sometimes the physics glitches out and they go flying, and the pistol bot seems to only lose one limb atm, which I'll have to fix, but I've been having a blast hitting them with the Lightsabers Mod and seeing arms and legs go flying! XD

Have fun guys! Let me know what you think!

Note - currently only works with base-class bipeds and the fast-bot, not with the Elites (cause you can't grab them)

- Downloads -

V1- Unreleased
- Robo Recall Modder -
- Voxels, Pixels, Poly's -
- also marshmallows -
- Inferno Digital Works -
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