So after flying around as Iron Man, swinging around as Spider Man, and destroying endless waves of rogue bots in the Survival maps, I was brainstorming about what more we could create to add some true progression into the game.

I spent a while going through the existing blueprints, figuring out how the scoring system works. I've finally found the exact player score variable, and as such I intend to add a simple leveling system around that score value. The basic idea is that as your score increases, the player can gain new abilities and strengthen their existing ones. Granted, most of this works off of simple branches checking the score value, but there are several blueprints that create the player and menu systems, and finding the exact variable took a while.

For anyone interested, I've attached an image below showing the three nodes you need to pull the score value, and another image showing some simple logic working with the variable. I encourage our mod authors to begin tapping into the scoring system, to add some progression to our levels and mods!
score.png   score2.png 

I've already begun testing this with the IronManFlightMod, and it looks like the 6.0 release will include this, along with several other unannounced (yet) features. The current system can increase the damage the player does, alter their max health and the strength and speed of their flight, depending on if they've hit certain score thresholds. This can be integrated into maps as well, and I intend to use it to scale objective difficulty based on score in my survival maps. Theoretically, after more development and research is completed, we may be able to create a single mod that adds global leveling across all mods, but that's a bit far off.

For those of you who don't make mods, I'm curious where you think we should go with this. The point of this teaser post is to get as much feedback as possible, so I can add more content or change existing parts of the system as people see fit. So tell me what you want to see added to the leveling system, what powers and abilities you want to see added on level up, that sort of thing. I'm all ears!

All of this is quite exciting, and represents a big step in the complexity and depth of our mods. Right now, the leveling is tied to individual level scores, so progress is reset when you exit a level. I'm working on something more permanent, but writing a permanent file or dataset is quite tricky. It'll come eventually, but at this time it's all confined to the level you're playing.

For now though, this teaser will have to do while I continue integrating the scoring system into the Survival TriPack and the Iron Man flight mod. These mods should see major updates in the coming two weeks, so get hyped!
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since it looks like you figured out the UI too to some extent I'd love to hear more about that too! Always looking for a better way to toggle functions of the Player mods.
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