The controllers are indispensable to play: they are the only way to grab the guns, shoot your weapons, smash the robots, and move in the game. Because as in any VR game, the only way to move, so far, is to teleport. Let’s admit it, it’s not that easy to shoot, hit, and move around, sorry, teleport around, with the help of your only 10 fingers. Ever dreamt of being able just to move with your feet?

Ok, now put your feet on the 3dRudder and restart the game. While you had to teleport using your thumb, you now have the ability to simply move to wherever you want with easy and effortless movements of your feet. You dodge gunfire, pass behind the robots, and turn around to evaluate your opponents. And let’s say it, you now have more time to spot the weapons lying on the ground, and grab the biggest ones. Your blows are more lethal. Why? Because you can get close enough to punch the robots right in the face.

tutorial to install :


trailer :

gameplay : 
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i dont see why this s necessary, wouldnt it be easier to have the left joystick move you and then the right for teleportation so you get both?
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Only problem with that is it makes it harder to turn in place. That and with this mod, you're required to have the 3D rudder, and be sitting down. My new step turning mod alleviates most of those problems though!
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