Johan Malmsten
Ok. This would not be for the fain of heart players (or modders). Also, it would probably necessitate rebuilding of game maps pretty much extensively. 

But ever since I tried Windlands an idea has been stuck in my head. Why has noone made a game with 3D Manouver Gear as seen on Attack on Titan.


- Aim grappling hooks like in Windlands. Fling yourself forward like spiderman.

- The weapons are swords for slicing like Metal Gear Revengeance.

Things to note:

- I'm not really talking about making RoboRecall into a straight AoT thing. Just the mechanics could be borrowed for some crazy high octane action slizing/flying. [biggrin]
- Current maps would probably break since the levels aren't that big and the player weren't supposed to be able to fly high up into the air. So I expect rebuilds of the maps to have complete buildings and such would be necessary.
- Those crazy spinning attacks in AoT... just ignore them for now. I seen no real way of doing those without making special attack animations that makes the player head counter-rotate so nausea don't set in for even the most hardened VR-stomachs.
- Giant enemies? would be a cool thing to try out. Player vs Kaiju sized Mechs? Again. I guess the only thing holding things back would be the time-constraints of modders.

And since RoboRecall has been the first game on Oculus Rift I've seen that actively encourages modding I'm curious to see if anyone else would be interested in something like this.
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