• Looking for RoboRecalMods Community Admins!

    Hey friends. If you haven't noticed, this forum hasn't been upkept super well, mostly because it was a side project that got backburnered. ...

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    Started by olcasers

  • Mortal Kombat_ Scorpions Spear

    I would love to see Scorpion's chained spear be in the game. Is it even possible to add a grapple mechanic?! Is this impossible? Probably.

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    Started by Ragnarok

  • Swords that actually cut robots

    The current sword mods are just poles, which fling robots around, they dont actually cut robots.

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    Started by Reasonance

  • Mjolnir

    Hi everyone, I have a request, I dont know if this is possible, but it was cool have an mod with Mjolnir from Thor. Throw them and push back to...

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    Started by edgardricart

  • heavy weapons

    above the pistol holder on the side of your choice you get a heavy weapons call-in that drops an airdrop after 15 seconds with a heavy weapon. You...

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    Started by eekyay

  • Hiccups Flaming sword - FAVE

    Ok, so you know in how to train your dragon hiccup has a flaming sword well yeah i would love to see that so whoever makes that would have my undying...

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    Started by furymageio

  • New Mod Coming soon - Vox Recall Space Treader Spaz-12

    got another reality weapon coming soon! this one's a Spaz-12 shotgun I named the Space Treader. I'll be making more of these over the next few...

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    Started by Firestorm185

  • all vs all

    could some one make like an all vs all where the robots just kill eachother, that would be very fun to watch

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    Started by furymageio

  • Retro Robot models

    After seeing the previous post I'm inspired to try and make voxel robots work. I don't know how long that would take, as the rig structure for just...

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    Started by Firestorm185

  • Sexy Robo Enemies.

    Swap out of Robo Enemies for a model like Haydee. Or: Or: .....LOL

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    Started by Twixt

  • Request

    Hello, I'm new here. I want to request a 'Cleric guns' mod. These are the guns used by the clerics in the film 'Equilibrium'. I found some models...

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    Started by JERE

  • Warp Tether Lasso

    I think it would be a great addition to have the tether lasso that the fast robots have to be a weapon that you can have equipped. If it could...

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    Started by kid1337

  • Extend-O-Blade!

    Ok, I'm posting this here in ideas for now since I'm not at home to get it uploaded, but I've got a new cool sword weapon for everyone to play with...

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    Started by Firestorm185

  • can some make the robots melee with swords

    like so they swing it and u can deflect with yr own sword

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    Started by furymageio


    I am a warhammer 40k nerd and I would LOVE to see a bolter of some sort to be created and or the enemies look like ORKs to purge please

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    Started by ThatOneIvan

  • Free Locomotion V6 has issue with Robo Revive

    Hello, I am using vive. and I need to use robo revive (not just revive) Free Locomotion mod V6 has height issue with robo revive. everytime I...

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    Started by rozera

  • Full new weapon set

    So I was wondering, could maybe an experienced modder remake all of the weapons. Mainly functionalities and effectiveness. Id like to have all guns...

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    Started by Symbiotic Games

  • Requests for Firestorm185

    Firestorm 185 is a great modder and I enjoy his work. If you have any requests for him put it down here

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    Started by twittmister

  • rifle

    some one should make a rifle mod replacing the pule rifle with like and m16 or p90 or have separate mods for different rifles

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    Started by Megamasher4508

  • Hello Community!

    So I put this here out of hopes that it will get the most attention as the only thread (for now) under this topic. I would like to suggest a...

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    Started by xStarshadow

  • Player mod suggestion...

    Would it be possible for someone to make a mod that re-enables the ability to still have player progression active while other mods are active as...

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    Started by Ryuslayer

  • Trident

    So I've been experimenting trying to create a mod to give players tridents. Anyone who has any suggestions, tips, or help let me know.

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    Started by paulb992

  • faster multiplier

    Make the multiplier go up faster. Just to get those annoying "2,000,000 points" stars. I plan to look into making it myself but I don't...

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    Started by n8rtw

  • rapid fire revolvers

    Could Anyone Do? thanks?

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    Started by ellimanism

  • Hard Mode

    Have you beaten robo recal around a thousand times and are bored of it? Do you want to play with fun mods but find them to OP? Do you in general want...

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    Started by Witherscout