• Step Turning Smooth Locomotion Mod!

    Hey guys! Welcome to the Step Turn Mod! I know there was a really nice UI-based smooth locomotion mod that someone had created before, but I wanted...

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    Started by Firestorm185

  • 3dRudder Free Locomotion

    Hello, The controllers are indispensable to play: they are the only way to grab the guns, shoot your weapons, smash the robots, and move in the...

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    Started by mvivant

  • Super Hot Timewarp Mod

    Mod Link: Here Original Post Credit goes to "tonsta31" on the Oculus Forum: Here

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    Started by Danjo

  • Revolver Flicking: How the Cool Kids Reload

    Hello fellow Agent 34s from parallel universes! Did you know: RoboReady 's revolvers are made from the same lightweight and durable materials used...

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    Started by Cappycot

  • Locomotion Mod

    Originally Created by MGSStudio over on the Unreal Engine forums, thought I'd upload it here too just in case anyone was having trouble finding the...

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    Started by Firestorm185

  • 360 Teleport Link

    This mod is great for 3 sensor setups to make the TP system actually work! Didn't post the file here, but here's the link: ...

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    Started by roborecallmods